Национален музей Земята и хората - София

National Museum Earth and Man – Sofia

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The National Museum “Earth and Man” is located in downtown Sofia.

The museum opened in 1987. In its area of 5,500 square meters visitors may see a collection of minerals collected from 109 countries from around the world.

The museum has a collected 1,523 kinds of minerals of the more than 4200 known throughout the world. Few European museums can boast of a collection as rich as this one.

The museum has more than 27,000 items gathered in seven permanent exhibits. Visitors may enjoy the giant crystal exhibit, including crystals rarely encountered in nature that are as tall as they are.

Included in the exhibit are quartz, Apatite, fluorite, and others. The “Earth’s Minerals” exhibit, includes a wide variety of minerals, many of which are also very rare.

Of particular interest is the gemstone exhibit. Here are displayed almost all types, both cut and uncut, including rare precious stones.

Part of the museum space is reserved for temporary exhibits. At the entrance are shops selling a wide variety of minerals and  general information about the museum.

The museum regularly hosts conferences and related exhibits.

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4, bulevard "Cherni vrah", Sofia, Sofia City Province, 1421, Bulgaria.

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