Море плаж скали вълни

The bear’s hole

The bear’s hole beach is located north of the central beach of Lozenets Resort Village.

The lack of a good road to access the place makes the beach more unpopular spot but calm.

The beach consists of two coastlines with an approximate length of about 120 m and 60 m as their width is about 25 m. The northern, smaller part of the beach is characterised by its rocky sea bottom.

The sea water in the bay is crystal clear and extremely suitable for families with small children and babies.

The bear’s hole beach is guarded as there are available umbrellas, sunbeds and restaurants.

The name of the beach comes from the cave The bear’s hole, which is located at the northern end of the beach. Its name is given by fishermen who caught a pair of seals, also called sea bears.

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Tsarevo, Burgas, 8277, Bulgaria.

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