Легенда за Розовата долина

Legend of the Rose valley

An old sheikh lived in a distant kingdom, surrounded by luxury. His only joy was his beautiful, but sad daughter. Many physicians tried to cure her, clowns to cheer her up, but the sheikh’s daughter remained sad. An old man came to […]

Легенда за Поморийският манастир Св. Георги Победоносец

Legend of the St. George Victorious monastery – Pomorie

The monastery in Pomorie is established by Greek setllers durnig 7th century AC. During the Ottoman invasion it is destroyed. In 17 century Salim Bay settles down and built a farm.  Bay was suffering from incurable disease. According to legend his servant […]

Легенда за Момин проход

Legend of the Momin prohod

During the Ottoman rule there lived a Turkish nobleman with eleven daughters. The youngest, though most beautiful, was ill and unable to walk. Her father took her to many wisement it was to no avail. Once they passed through SOLUDERVENT / WATER […]

Легенда за Родопския химн

Legend of the Rhodope anthem

The roots of the folk song “Bela sym, bela, unache” can be traced to the dark times, when janissaries and bashi-bazouks roamed the Rhodope, kidnapped young women and set fire to their villages. The song tells the tale of one of many […]

Легенда за Тодорини Кукли

Legend of Todorini kukli peaks

In the northwestern part of Stara Planina between the Petrohan pass and the Kom peak rise three peaks with the fabulous name Todorini Kukli (Todora’s Dolls). The Berkovitsa chorbadji Tano had a wonderfully beautiful daughter named Todora. Many young men from all […]