Мадарски конник

Legend of The Madara Horseman

The Madara Horseman is a rock relief carved in the 8th century AD. On a vertical rock at a height of 23 m. Steps to the left of it lead to the Madara Plateau. The dimensions of the image are 2.6 m […]

Любовна чешма Трявна

Legend of Love Fountain

The legend of the beautiful love fountain in Tryavna tells about the love between a young carver and the most beautiful girl from Tryavna. The boy was not recognized as a master by the local guild and the girl’s father did not […]

Куна кралица

Legend of Queen Kuna

The Karlukovo karst region abounds in impressive rock slopes and amazing landscapes. There is the Prohodna cave, also called “Eyes of God” – one of the most famous caves in Bulgaria, as well as the natural phenomenon – Chervenitsa rock, the emblematic […]

Кован Кая

Legend of Kovan Kaya

Kovan Kaya is part of a megalithic Thracian cult complex in the Eastern Rhodopes, near the village of Dolno Cherkovishte, Haskovo region. Kovan Kaya or in translation “The Rock-Beehive” is so called because it is probably the largest complex with rock niches […]

Караджов камък

Legend of Karadjov Stone

The folk legend related to Karadjov Stone tells about Karadzha Voivode from the village of Yavrovo, nearby Asenovgrad, who bravely defended the population of the surrounding villages from the attacks of the Ottomans and the bashi-bazouks. The legend has it that the […]

Каменна сватба

Legend of Stone Wedding

Four kilometers from Kardzhali City, nearby the village of Zimzelen is located an exceptionally beautiful natural phenomenon, which must be seen. The rock fragments resemble two newlyweds in love. The legend has it that two young people were getting married, but while […]