Водопад Горица

Legend of Goritsa Waterfall

Goritsa Waterfall is one of the seven Ovcharenski waterfalls, located at the northern foot of Rila Mountain, near the village of Ovchartsi.

Дяволски мост

Legend of Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is located at a picturesque gorge, 10 km away from the town of Ardino and connects the two banks of Arda River.

Беглик таш

Legend of Beglik Tash

Nearby Primorsko, in the cool forests of Strandzha, on the ridge of „Maslen Nos“ cape is hidden a Thracian sanctuary called Beglik Tash.

Легенда за София Света София

Legend of Sofia

The Byzantine Empire has flourished during the rule of Emperor Justinian.