Банско и Разлог кухня

Cuisine Bansko and Razlog

Bansko is one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria. Its unique location at the foot of the Pirin Mountain.

Its ski slopes hold a rich history and an even richer culinary diversity.

Bansko’s people are not only masters of home-cooked style food, but also offer an incredible selection of wines to perfectly match every taste.

The local cuisine is entirely based on old family recipes and locally grown produce which makes it unique and culturally rich experience everyone deserves to experience.

Kapama – the exact ingredient list added are unique to this region. Prepared in a large clay pot, lined with sour cabbage, rice, onions, beef, chicken and pork, and a specialty sausage that you won’t find anywhere else. Left to simmer on a low heat, brings out the best of this classic dish.

Banski chomlek – delicious beef and pork shank, potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, dried red peppers, tomato juice, spices and wine are all lined inside a large clay pot. Once again stewed over a low heat for a few hours.

Banski starets – a delicacy made of pork, salo, salt, red pepper and other spices all stuffed in pork belly. It is carefully dried out over the course of months before it’s ready to be served

Kostureto with chekane and salo – prepared in a clay pot, over low heat, this hearty dish is made from boiled white beans, salo, chopped beetroot and dried red peppers.

Kukurini – local colloquialism meaning curls. The playful term comes from the way they curl when fried. After kneading the dough and forming the iconic shape, they are typically fried in butter. Served with a little bit of powdered sugar, they make the perfect snack.

Borek – a traditional dessert from Bansko. Grated pumpkin, sugar, ground walnuts, oil and flour are all it takes to create the delicious treat. Simply spread in a greased pan and bake.

Razlojka shupla – made from eggs, yogurt, water, baking soda, salt, shredded cheese and flour. Baked until a beautiful golden crust.

Razlojka fudula – made by kneading flour, salt, sugar and yeast. After allowing it to rise, the skilled bakers of Razlog divide it into parts and further form by hand. Layered with eggs and cheese and covered with melted butter before letting it bake.

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