Domain Trifonoff

Домейн Трифонов


Domain Trifonoff, Винарска изба Трифонов

The boutique winery “Domain Trifonoff” has been established in 2008 in Pesnopoy Village, Kaloyanovo Municipality, Plovidv Province. The village is situated on the main road from Plovdiv to Karlovo before the town of Banya and 12 km from the SPA resort Hisarya. In the period of 2008-2011 the winery is known as wine cellar “Pesen”.

As recommended by the famous marketing expert, doctor honoris causa Gerd Adolf, creator of the biggest wine exhibition in Europe – “ProWein” (Dusseldorf, Germany), in the beginning of 2012 the winery is renamed to “Domain Trifonoff” – on the name of its owner.

The architecture plans of the winery have been adopted from a family wine cellar in California, but there have been built in elements of the Hisarya fortress wall.

The concept of the winery involves the wine tourism development. The wine cellar produces high quality wines, aged in oak barrels, made of oak from the Strandja Mountain.

The quality and the purity of the wines are due to a special selection of grapes, harvested from own controlled vineyards, grown organically. The selection of grapes is carried out by controlling the fruiting of the vineyards right after the entering in the growth stage.

The strict control of the sugar, the acid content and the condition of the grapes guarantee the production of high quality wine. The production is under the control of qualified technologists, specialised in France and Germany, and a professor at the University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv.

The wines of “Domain Trifonoff” have been rated on a scale of 100 points by a German marketing expert in the wine industry, doctor honoris causa Gerd Adolf, and have obtained a rating of 86 points, considering that the most expensive wines in the world have been ranked between 90 and 100 points.

Wine tours

“Domain Trifonoff” Winery is located on the hill above Pesnopoy Village, boasting fabulous views of Mount Botev and Sredna gora Mountain. The picturesque landscape of mountains and forest will charm you! The fresh air of the mountain brings comfort and relaxation even in the summer heat!

With a glass of cold sparkling Gewürztraminer you can relax and experience moments of rest and enjoyment away from the city noise! In the winter after a successful hunt in the forests of Sredna gora Mountain or Central Balkan Mountain with a glass of fragrant red wine, you can enjoy the cozy and warm atmosphere of “Domain Trifonoff” Winery!

The winery is located in a unique location, allowing changing of the air currents several times a day. This characterizes the microclimate in Pesnopoy Village as extremely healthy, comparable to that in Sandanski.

The Winery offers different options for wine tasting:

  • On-site, at the winery, in a cozy room with a table for 30 persons and a magnificent view of the Balkan and Sredna gora Mountains, wine connoisseurs can enjoy the elixir of Dionysus.
  • On the east terrace, overlooking to the mountain, in the hot summer days, lovers of good wine and the admirers of beautiful nature can enjoy the fabulous landscape.
  • We organise wine tasting for tourist groups, corporate meetings and cocktail parties, gatherings of friends, business delegations and individual tourists.
  • The tastings are conducted by professional enologist or the winery manager, who introduce the visitors to the characteristics of grape varieties, production and storage of “Domain Trifonoff” Winery.

Plovdiv, 4208, Bulgaria.

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