Шато копса

Château Copsa

Winery We, the Minkov family, strongly believe that making good wine is an art, especially when part of this wine are the sweet juices of thousands of years of history. Blossomed in the very heart of the Rose Valley, our Château Copsa […]

Домейн Трифонов

Domain Trifonoff

Winery The boutique winery “Domain Trifonoff” has been established in 2008 in Pesnopoy Village, Kaloyanovo Municipality, Plovidv Province. The village is situated on the main road from Plovdiv to Karlovo before the town of Banya and 12 km from the SPA resort […]

Изба братя Минкови

Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar

Winery At 10 or 15 kilometres west of Karnobat, near the Burgas-Sofia road, you can see the Minkov Brothers Wine Cellar rising neatly on a hill surrounded by vineyards. Its architecture pleases the eye at first sight – an elegant retro style […]

Тракийска кухня

Thracian cuisine

The most expansive lowlands in Bulgaria is the Upper Thracian Lowlands, also known as Thrace, colloquially. Since ancient times, distinct sorts of vegetables and fruits and extensive vineyards with unique grape varieties have contributed to a diverse cuisine. POPULAR DISHES FROM THE […]

Легенда за Розовата долина

Legend of the Rose valley

An old sheikh lived in a distant kingdom, surrounded by luxury. His only joy was his beautiful, but sad daughter. Many physicians tried to cure her, clowns to cheer her up, but the sheikh’s daughter remained sad. An old man came to […]

Павел баня

Pavel Banya

The city of Pavel Banya is a balneology center known for the healing properties of its mineral hot springs. The city is located in central Bulgaria, 24 km from the city of Kazanlak and 180 km east of Sofia. The population of […]