Шато Бургозоне

Chateau Burgozone


Chateau Burgozone, Шато Бургозоне

Burgozone is a boutique family wine producer in Bulgaria. Perched on the slopes of the Danube river, close to the ferry-city of Oryahovo and overlooking the island of Esperanto, Burgozone is named after the Roman fortress built on the ancient Roman road Via Istrum.

Throughout the centuries, the area has been regarded as a major winemaking region. Burgozone has selected a unique terrain of 100 hectares located on the Danube river and 43rd parallel N (as Tuscany and Southern Rhône) which has proven to produce the highest quality of grapes.

All Burgozone wines are made from hand-collected grapes from our own vineyards. Thanks to “canopy management” and “green harvesting”, yields are purposely limited to ensure that the grapes obtained are of the highest quality.

When it comes to winemaking, Burgozone favors minimal intervention and is passionate about varietal expression. The Burgozone style can be described as the combination of a unique terroir influenced by the Danube river and the human savoir-faire of renowned Bulgarian winemakers. Every glass of Burgozone will take you on a journey to the slopes of the Danube River.


Located on the same line of latitude as Tuscany and growing on slopes of above 150 and 180 meters, the 100 hectares of the Burgozone vineyard are composed of high quality clones which are spread across a calcareous loess soil.

The vineyard enjoys a moderate continental climate blessed with hot days and cool nights as well as benefitting from the qualities of being in such close proximity to the Danube River.

The 100 hectares of our vineyards are composed of 11 international grape varieties and 2 indigenous varieties namely Gamza (red) and Tamyanka (white).  To ensure the complexity of our wines we believe in clonal diversity and possess more than 30 different clones. The average age of the vineyards is 10 years.

We take pride in the fact that all our wines are carefully made from our handpicked grapes and are bottled on site at our estate. Our careful adherence to canopy management practices and green harvesting techniques results in a regulated yield ranging between 20 hl/ha and 45 hl/ha.

Our vineyard also practices sustainable winegrowing and remains committed to sustainable and ecological responsibility through the practice of integrated viticulture.

Wine tours

Burgozone winery invites you to an unforgettable wine tasting that allows you to delight your senses and immerse yourself in the world of wine. This experience is suitable both amateurs – who make their first steps in the wine industry, as well as for professionals who have established wine culture and experience.

We offer a new experience that combines beautiful nature, history, culture, gastronomy and emotions.

The wine tour enables you to trace the history and traditions of winemaking by following the path of the grapes from the vineyards, throughout the production process, until their transformation into an unforgettable wine.

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Burgozone, Враца, 3300, Bulgaria.

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