Шато Бургозоне

Chateau Burgozone

Winery Burgozone is a boutique family wine producer in Bulgaria. Perched on the slopes of the Danube river, close to the ferry-city of Oryahovo and overlooking the island of Esperanto, Burgozone is named after the Roman fortress built on the ancient Roman […]

Винарска изба Магура

Magura winery

Winery The Magura winery was established in 1967 in the village of Rabisha, Vidin district, in the North-western part of Bulgaria. The location is known as one of the mysterious and most picturesque areas of Bulgaria enclosed between the Danube and the […]

Винарска изба Габровски

Wine cellar Gabrovski

Winery Wine cellar „Gabrovski“ was reestablished in 1998, when 32 acres of vineyards in the vicinity of Svishtov were legally returned to the owner Ilian Gabrovski, who comes from an old wine-growing family, famous in the region of Svishtov for producing vine […]

Северозападна кухня

The culinary world of Northwestern Bulgaria

Northwestern Bulgaria is surrounded by the peaks of Stara Planina and the picturesque Danube and Iskar rivers. The hilly Zlaten Rog and the endless expanse of the Zlatia along the Danube have the most fertile black soil. The mountainous part of the […]

Пантеон на възрожденците - Русе

Pantheon of National Revival Heroes

The Pantheon is located in the old cemetery of the city of Ruse, in the Park of the Heroes of the National Revival.  The Pantheon was built to commemorate the Bulgarians who gave their lives for the liberation of Bulgaria. It is […]

Археологически музей - Силистра

Archaeological Museum – Silistra

The archaeological exhibition at the Silistra Museum of History is spread out on an area of 400 sq m in an impressive building from the beginning of the 20th century. The building is a massive two-storey structure built in the period 1923 […]