Велянова къща - Банско

Velyanova Kashta – Bansko

Velyan’s House in Bansko is located near the central square of the town and the Holy Trinity Church. The building is an example of the architectural style – fortified house of the Bulgarian Revival Period (end of 18th century – beginning of […]

Етнографски музей - Пазарджик

Ethnographic museum – Pazardzhik

The ethnographical exhibition of the Regional Museum of History in Pazardzhik is set up in the biggest Baroque house from the Bulgarian Revival Period in Pazardhik constructed in 1850 by master builders from Bratsigovo. The house belonged to Nikolaki Hristovich, a rich […]

Етнографски институт с музей при БАН

Ethnographic Institute with Museum, BAS

The Ethnographic Institute with a museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science is situated in the former royal residence in Sofia. The museum is part of the so-called National Museum, established in 1892 and became an independent institution in 1906 under the […]

Боянска църква Св. св. Никола и Пантелеймон

Boyana Church of St. Nicholas and St. Pantaleimon

Boyana Church of St. Nicholas and St. Pantaleimon is situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, in Boyana Housing Estate in Sofia. It is one of the few medieval monuments of Christian art that have survived until the present day. The church […]

Музеят на гурбетчийското градинарство - Лясковец

Museum of Gardening – Lyaskovets

The city of Lyaskovets is located 10 km northeast of Veliko Tarnovo and 2 km from the city of Gorna Oryahovitsa. Lyaskovets boasts a unique museum dedicated to gardening and vegetable production. In the 18th century, these local inhabitants on the periphery […]