Етнографски музей - Елхово

Ethnographic Museum – Elhovo

The Ethnographic and Archeological Museum in Elhovo is located in the city center. The museum is housed in two two-story structures that were built in 1933 and connected in the 1960s. The museum was founded in 1958, reorganized as an ethnographic museum […]

Етнографски музей - Берковица

Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitsa

The Ethnographic Museum of Berkovitsa reveals the material and spiritual culture of the town and the region. It is housed in the building of Sarbinskata House, a typical representative of the old urban houses in Berkovitsa. The various museum collections include pottery […]

Къща музей Станислав Доспевски - Пазарджик

Museum House of Stanislav Dospevski – Pazardzhik

The Museum House “Stanislav Dospevski” is the only Bulgarian museum dedicated to this artist from the age of Revival. The building was constructed in 1864 by builders from Bratsigovo. The house is two-storey high, made of sun-dried bricks, with six rooms and […]

Етнографски музей - Бургас

Ethnographic Museum – Burgas

The Ethnographic Museum in the city of Burgas is located in the house known as the Brakalov House, which was built in 1873 for the respected community leader Dimitar Todorov Brakalov. The museum is located next to the Saints Cyril and Methodius […]

Етнографски музей - Варна

Ethnographic Museum – Varna

One of the most interesting museums of the sea capital of Bulgaria, the Ethnographic museum, is situated in a house belonging to the age of Revival, which was built around 1860. The ethnographic museum was established in 1974. The museum presents the […]

Къща музей Неофит Рилски - Банско

Neofit Rilski House Museum – Bansko

The House Museum of Neofit Rilski (1793 – 1881), the founder of secular education in Bulgaria and the first Bulgarian encyclopaedist, is situated next to the Holy Trinity Church in Bansko. The building is also known as Beninata kashta (Benin’s House) and […]