Етнографски музей - Пазарджик

Ethnographic museum – Pazardzhik

The ethnographical exhibition of the Regional Museum of History in Pazardzhik is set up in the biggest Baroque house from the Bulgarian Revival Period in Pazardhik constructed in 1850 by master builders from Bratsigovo.

The house belonged to Nikolaki Hristovich, a rich merchant from Pazardzhik. It was declared a national monument of architecture and culture by virtue of publication in State Gazette, issue No 25 of 1998.

The house has 18 symmetrically arranged rooms. The panel doors and the artistic decoration are particularly interesting.

The ethnographical exhibition was opened in 1974. It embodies the rich spiritual and material culture of the people of Pazardzhik in the period up to the mid-20th century.

The architecture of residential and public buildings is shown on the first two floors: pictures and models of residential buildings from different towns and villages in the region are displayed.

A large map of the Pazardzhik Region with models of typical houses is shown in the centre of the exhibition hall. Three of the halls of the museum are devoted to the typical interior of the rural houses.

Different pieces of equipment used for the processing of cotton, flax, hemp and wool tell about the characteristic home crafts of Pazardzhik and the region. Central spot is given to the home loom.

A reconstruction of Panagyurishte shoemaker’s shop from the beginning of the 20th century can be found in the museum. The tools of the master shoemakers are also displayed. Other halls of the museum house reconstructions of a frieze-weaving (tailor’s) shop and a furrier’s workshop.

Visitors will find reconstructions of the living-room and the drawing-room of a poor urban family in one of the halls on the second floor. Authentic objects from Pazardzhik were used for the reconstructions.

In another hall visitors will see the living-room of a rich urban family where the focus is on household goods bought abroad.

These include a beautiful charcoal-pan used for the heating of the room, plush tablecloth, Vienna chairs, crystal mirror, etc. A copy of the portrait of Nikolaki Hristovich, owner of the house, is kept in this room. The original was painted by artist Stanislav Dospevski.

Exhibits of traditional costumes and clothes of the region can be found on the second floor of the Ethnographic Museum. Authentic formal national costumes from the Rhodope, the Plain, and the Sredna gora (Middle Forest) parts of the region are put on display in the vertical showcases.

Bracelets, earrings, buckle belts, rings, and other adornments used as formal clothing accessories are arranged in the small horizontal showcases.

Photographs, texts and various objects from the everyday life provide information about the customs and the holidays of the people from the region.

In the folklore room visitors can see musical instruments typical of the Pazardzhik Region.

Information materials and souvenirs are sold at the museum.

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