Музей на розата - Казанлък

Rose Museum – Kazanlak

The only museum in the world, dedicated to the oil-yielding plant – rose, is situated in the town of Kazanlak. The Rose Museum is housed in the old building of the Rose Institute. The rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. […]

Музей на мозайките - Девня

Mosaics Museum – Devnya

The Museum of Mosaics is located in the town of Devnya. It is an in situ museum that is housed in a specially constructed building whose purpose is to preserve the archaeological discoveries. A big Roman building with exquisite mosaics was discovered […]

Къща-музей Пейо Яворов - Чирпан

Museum House of Peyo Yavorov – Chirpan

The Museum House of Peyo Yavorov is situated in the central part of the town of Chirpan. It was declared a museum on 31 October 1954 in honor of the 40-th anniversary of his death, and in issue 72 of the State […]

Регионален етнографски музей - Пловдив

Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv

The Plovdiv Regional Museum of Ethnography is the second largest museum of its kind in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1917, and in 1938 it relocated to the Kuyumdzhiev House in Plovdiv’s Old Town, declared a cultural landmark in the 4thvolume of […]

Kъща музей Хаджи Димитър - Сливен

Museum House Hadzhi Dimitar – Sliven

One of the most famous tourist sites in the town of Sliven is the house of the legendary Sliven voivode Hadzhi Dimitar. It was built by the grandfather of the renowned voivode in the end of the 18th century and is situated […]

Къща музей Сливенски бит - Сливен

Museum House Sliven Style of Life – Sliven

One of the most interesting tourist sites in Sliven is the house of the Sliven Style of Life. The Museum House “Slivenski Bit” was built in the first quarter of 19th century in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Sliven – the […]