Къща Райно Попович

House Raino Popovich

The Raino Popovich house is part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo and is a cultural monument of national sagnificance. This is the house of the famous and writer Raino Popovich. Its visitors are hospitably welcomed by animators presenting the rich history […]

Патева къща

Pateva House

Pateva House is part of Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo and is dedicated to the presentation of flowers, herbs, natural beauty and the love of the nature. All its rooms inside are thematically separated and carry different massages. The visitors could learn curios […]

Бухалов хан

Owl’s Inn (Buhalov Han)

Buhalov Han is part of the Architectural Complex Ancient Karlovo. The house itself is one of the iconic Renaissance houses in the architectural reserve. The house is a centre of crafts and cultural traditions, as inside various ateliers are divided in craft […]

Исторически музей Карлово

History Museum – Karlovo

Karlovo Museum of History is situated in the proud building of the former 5th Grade Men`s School, built in 1871., located on Vasil Levski Square. Throughout its existence, the Museum has collected and preserved hundreds of cultural treasures from prehistoric times, through […]

Хотелски комплекс Царска баня

Hotel Royal Bath

Hotel “Royal Bath”, Banya resort, Plovdiv Municipality is a luxurious year-round balneohotel, located in the embrace of the Srednogorski Balkan, 170 km away from the city of Sofia and 49 km away from the city of Plovdiv. We offer you an unparalleled […]

При чорбаджийката

At Chorbadzhiykata

The accommodation operates as a guesthouse since 2007. The owner – Veronika, is a hospitable hostess who will make you feel at home and can prepare you delicious breakfast and local dishes. The house has double and family rooms, as well as […]