The protected area of Longoza is the former buffer zone around Kamchiya Reservation. Longoza was declared a protected area by order No РД-523 of 12 July 2007.

The total area of the protected site is 230 hectares, 70 of which are forest areas and protected dense forests, 160 hectares are agricultural lands.

Typical for the protected areas are the dense forests, which grow on alluvial deposits in the earth during the periodic flooding, caused by the river Kamchiya.

The wetland areas along the river and the dense forests are considered to be a natural wetland at the Black Sea coast. The landscape around the Kamchiya reservation and in the protected area is almost flat; the only slopes are in the northern parts near the sea.

The usual floods in the dense forests happen when the water level of Kamchiya river rises. This usually happens in the spring .

A variety of plant and animal species can be seen in the protected area of Longoza.

Tourist expeditions are allowed from Kamchiya river to the borders of the reserve. However, tourists must comply with certain requirements.

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