Етнографски институт с музей при БАН

Ethnographic Institute with Museum, BAS

The Ethnographic Institute with a museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science is situated in the former royal residence in Sofia. The museum is part of the so-called National Museum, established in 1892 and became an independent institution in 1906 under the […]

Драгоманско блато

Dragoman Marshland

The Dragoman Marshland is the largest karst swamp in Bulgaria. It is situated 40 km north-west from Sofia, and about 3 km from the town of Dragoman. In 1930, draining was initiated of the wetlands in Bulgaria, and they were turned into […]

Резерват Бистришко бранище

Bistrishko Branishte Reserve

Bistrishko Branishte reserve is located within the Vitosha Natural Park. The reserve was declared a protected area by the Council of Ministers by Decree No 15422 of 27 October 1934 in order to preserve intact a pine forest section and the alpine […]



The Osogovo Mountain Range is located in the western part of Bulgaria, on the Macedonian border. The region was declared a protected reserve by Declaration № RD-780 on October 10, 2008. The tree cover is thickest on the southern and southeastern slopes […]

Лакатнишки скали

Lakatnik Cliffs

The Lakatnik (Elbow) Cliffs are located on the left slope of the Iskar Gorge in the Stara Planina (Central Balkans), above the Lakatnik train station. The whole region got its name from the bend in the Iskar River, which resembles a bent […]

Кътински пирамиди

Katina’s Pyramids

The pyramids of Katina are an interesting natural phenomenon near Sofia City. They are located in the upper northeast part of the village of Katina, on the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountain, 20 kilometers north of the center of the capital […]