Кастра ад Монтанезиум

Castra ad Montanesium

Castra ad Montanesium, the fortress near Montana, lies in the northwestern part of the town, on Kaleto Hill (Fortress Hill). A lot of archaeological research work has been carried out on the hill, which provides valuable information about the history of Montana. […]

Ловешка крепост Хисаря

Lovech Fortress Hisarya

The Lovech Fortress lies on the two terraces of the beautiful and picturesque Hisarya Hill in the old part of Lovech. This is one of the most visited landmarks in Lovech. It was declared a monument of architecture and construction by virtue […]

Крепост Меджиди табия

Medzhidi Tabiya Fortress

The Turkish fort “Abdul Medzhidi” or the so-called Medzhidi Tabiya fortress is located south of Silistra and is the best preserved of the six defensive points of the Turkish fortification system, which played an important role during the Crimean war (1853 – […]

Крепост Цепина

Tsepina Fortress

The Tsepina Fortress is situated a few kilometers north-west of the Rhodope village of Dorkovo. The fortress is one of the most often visited historical landmarks in this section of the Rhodope mountain. It is situated on a cone-shaped hill, 1,136 meters […]

Историко-археологичен резерват - Шуменска крепост

Shumen Fortress Historical-Archaeological Preserve

Shumen Fortress is one of the most famous landmarks in Bulgaria and the Shumen region. The remains of the fortress are 3 kilometres away from the centre of modern-day Shumen. The fortress is situated in the Shumen Plateau. Shumen Fortress was probably […]

Крепост Кракра

Krakra Fortress

The medieval Krakra Fortress is situated on a relatively small rocky plateau at the southwestern part of the town of Pernik. The preserved remains outline a polygonal fortress which is believed to have been built during the reign of Khan Omurtag(814-831). The […]

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