Крепост Лютица

Lyutitsa Fortress

Lyutitsa Fortress is located 5 km southwest of Ivaylovgrad, near Roman Armira Villa. It is one of the best preserved Bulgarian medieval fortresses and one of the biggest in the Eastern Rhodopes. It is also known as The Marble City and Kaloyan’s Citadel. […]

Тракийски култов комплекс Сеноклас

Thracian Cult Complex Senoklas

The Thracian Cult Complex of Hisarya is situated on the top of the Hisarya hill in the eastern Rhodope mountain, by the village of Senoklas. The village lies 15 km southeast of the town of Madzharovo. The Archaeological Complex includes a Thracian […]

Римски град Деултум

Roman town of Deultum

The village of Debelt is situated 17 km south-west from Burgas. The name of the contemporary village of Debelt is a modification of the name of the antique town Deultum and the medieval Develt, the remains of which are located in the […]

Никополис ад Иструм

Nikopolis ad Istrum

The ruins of the Roman and Early Byzantine town of Nikopolis ad Istrum are situated at about 20 km north of Veliko Tarnovo, on the road for Ruse, and 3 km southeast of the village of Nikyup. They are situated on a […]

Средновековен град и крепост Червен

Medieval Fortified Town of Cherven

The medieval fortified town of Cherven is situated at a distance of about 30 km south from the town of Ruse, within the borders of Rusenski Lom Natural Park. The town is heir of a Byzantine fortress of the 6th century and […]

Самуиловата крепост

Samuil’s Fortress

The Samuil’s fortress is situated on the right bank of the Strumeshnitsa river, 16 kilometers west of the town of Petrich. At the end of the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century AD, when the Bulgarian Kingdom, headed by tsar […]