Етнографски институт с музей при БАН

Ethnographic Institute with Museum, BAS

The Ethnographic Institute with a museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science is situated in the former royal residence in Sofia. The museum is part of the so-called National Museum, established in 1892 and became an independent institution in 1906 under the […]

Историческа местност Оборище

Oborishte Historical Site

The Oborishte historical site is situated in the mountain Sredna Gora, 10 kilometers northwest of Panagyurishte, 88 kilometers from Sofia, and 96 kilometers from Plovdiv and 59 kilometers from Pazardzhik. Oborishte was declared a historical area by issued No 52 of the […]

Резерват Бистришко бранище

Bistrishko Branishte Reserve

Bistrishko Branishte reserve is located within the Vitosha Natural Park. The reserve was declared a protected area by the Council of Ministers by Decree No 15422 of 27 October 1934 in order to preserve intact a pine forest section and the alpine […]

Резерват Силкосия

Silkosiya Reserve

The Silkosiya Reserve is the first reserve in Bulgaria. It was declared by Decree No 8485 of 29 June 1933 of the Ministry of Agriculture and State Properties as “strictly guarded state forest “Gorna Elenitsa – Silkosiya”” within the locality of the […]

Резерват Ропотамо

Ropotamo Reserve

The Ropotamo Reserve is situated at a distance of about 50 km south from Burgas, on the territory of the Municipality of Primorsko. It is situated around the two banks of Ropotamo river. The river current passes by large sand dunes before […]

Каменната сватба

The Stone Wedding

The natural landmark called The Petrified Wedding (the Stone Wedding) is located about 4 kilometers east of the town of Kardzhali, near the village of Zimzelen. Along with the stone mushrooms located near the village of Beli Plast, it is one of […]