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Стаи за гости Хостел Пашов

Family hotel Hostel Pashov, Veliko Tarnovo offers 10 beds in total.

Situated in the old part of the authentic Bulgarian town Veliko Tarnovo, Pashov is a very welcoming house where you can stay. For our visitors, we provide accommodation in stylish and comfortable retro rooms.

Reception is 24/7.

Prices depend of the number of guest.

Some of the amenities we provide in the different rooms are the following: refrigerator, coffee machine, Wide TV set with cable TV, air-conditioner, Wi-Fi.

Some rooms have own bathrooms, some rooms have shared bathrooms.

We accept pets.

Card payments accepted.

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17, ulitsa "10-ti Fevruari", Veliko Tarnovo, Veliko Tarnovo, 5000, Bulgaria.

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