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Hotel Club Central

Want to forget about time and space? To feel both a Thracian aristocrat, a Roman patrician and a modern man steeped in the comforts of the modern world? To find yourself in an oasis of pure nature, mineral springs and the magic of the past, which you take with every breath?

If yes, visit Hisarya. And do not stop until you reach the quiet street “Augusta” and you see a beautiful building of the Hotel Club Central, just opposite of the church “St. Panteleimon” built in 1889 and decorated with some of the most impressive murals you’ve ever seen.

Club Central Hotel is the only four-star hotel in Hissar, which is located in the center of the national archaeological reserve “Diocletianopolis.” This location of the hotel allows you to easily and quickly get to the most interesting sights of Hisarya – the Roman Baths, the Colonnade with springs and the fortification wall of Emperor Diocletian.

Upon entering the hotel, you will feel both the warmth of the home comfort and the charm of the refined luxury. You will feel the energy of this place and will keep it during the entire stay.


  • Swimming pool
  • Spa and wellness centre
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • Bar

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5, улица Аугуста, Hisarya, Plovdiv, 4180, Bulgaria.

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