Етнографски музей - Варна

Ethnographic Museum – Varna

One of the most interesting museums of the sea capital of Bulgaria, the Ethnographic museum, is situated in a house belonging to the age of Revival, which was built around 1860. The ethnographic museum was established in 1974. The museum presents the […]

Регионален исторически музей - Варна

Regional Historical Museum – Varna

The Archaeological Museum of Varna was established in 1887 by the brothers Karel and Herman Shkorpil (archaeologists and scientists of Czech and Bulgarian origin, founders of the Bulgarian archaeology and museum activity). The building in which it is housed was constructed in […]

Военноморски музей - Варна

Naval Museum – Varna

The Naval Museum in Varna is situated at the sea shore, in the southernmost point of the Sea Garden. Through its halls, open expositions and all of its performances the museum aims to store, present and popularize the sea capital of Bulgaria. […]

Аладжа манастир Света Троица

Aladzha Monastery Holy Trinity

Aladzha Monastery is situated in a beautiful area 14 km north of Varna, near Zlatni Pyasatsi Resort (Golden Sands Resort), in the centre of Zlatni Pyasatsi Natural Park (Golden Sands Natural Park). There are no reliable historical records as to when the […]

Калиакра - Археологически резерват

Kaliakra – Archaeological Reserve

Cape Kaliakra and the architectural reserve on its territory are located 12 km southeast of Kavarna. Cape Kaliakra is the eastern-most point of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is an oblong, narrowing rocky peninsula that juts out about 2 km into […]

Стария Добрич - Архитектурно-етнографски музей

Old Dobrich – Architectural-Ethnographic Museum

Old Dobrich Architectural-Ethnographic Museum is an open-air museum where the traditional crafts of the Dobrudzha Region since the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century are preserved, exhibited and developed. It is located in the centre […]