Tsar-Petrovo Guest House

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Къщи за гости Цар-Петрово

Tsar-Petrovo Houses are located in the village of Tsar-Petrovo, Kula municipality, Vidin district, on 38, Sixteenth Str.

Tsar-Petrovo Houses contains four separate houses. On the first floor of each house there is a fully equipped kitchen, a dining table with six chairs, a sofa and a table with a TV.

On the second floor is the bedroom with a dresser and a TV. In front of every house there is a table with six chairs and a barbecue, where quests can enjoy the garden and the view.

Free internet and television are available for all the guests. Tsar-Petrovo is 13 km away from Kula, 22 km away from Vidin.

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Tsar-Petrovo, Vidin, 3827, Bulgaria.

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