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Located at the foot of the Balkans. It is located in the beautiful Balkan town of Apriltsi, in the village of Ostrets. Luxurious and cozy atmosphere Luxuriously furnished for maximum comfort of your holiday for up to 10 people.

Wonderful view Guest House “Georgia” is located in the town of Apriltsi, Lovech region, 133 km. from the capital Sofia and with 500 to 699 altitude Vidimsko Praskalo – the height of the waterfall is over 80 meters, which makes it the second highest after the Paradise Praskalo. The waterfall is a formation of three separate streams, which gather in one. They spring from the peak Yurushkata Gramada. The water flows in such a form that the foot has become a natural pool suitable for rest and relaxation.

Site “Kalugera” – is 4 km northeast of the city, at the northern foot of Mount Maragidik, next to a path crossing the mountain to the south. Some scholars consider the rock paintings to be analogous to those at the entrance to the central chamber of a Thracian tomb found between the villages of Shipkovo and Yasenovo. They assume that this is a roadside sanctuary, and the human figures depict a priest or a leader who guides. Here, if you are interested, you can go hunting, fishing, horseback riding.

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21, Смолян, Lovech, 5650, Bulgaria.

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