Staying safe

What to do in an emergency?

While Bulgaria is a safe country, travellers to the country still need to be aware of potential dangers and how best to react to them.

Single European emergency phone number – 112

112 is the number you can call free of charge for emergency services in the European Union from a fixed or a mobile phone. The phone number is dialled without a code. The service is 24/7.

Use 112 in the event of a sudden real threat to life, health, safety or property, such as: fires; floods; emergency medical cases; tornado (hurricane winds); earthquakes; accidents; industrial accidents and other pollution; radiation; winter storms; suspected anthrax or other biological agents; other accidents and incidents.

Do not call 112 for traffic information, weather information or any other general questions and information. Unnecessary calls can overload the system, putting at risk the lives of those who really need emergency help.

Is Bulgaria Safe?

Bulgaria is a safe country and the crime rate is low. Like any other destination, though, travellers should be aware of their surroundings and know what to do in case something does happen.

There is always a possibility, that you might fall victim to a form of petty crime during your stay in Bulgaria. If you need help, call 112. If you should find yourself without your credit cards, airline tickets or passports due to theft, contact the issuers to arrange for replacements. Keep a list of relevant numbers.

If you need to have your passport reissued or receive an insurance payment due to theft, loss, traffic or other incident, a police report will be required. A local Police station can create this for you. Visit your nearest Police station, if you are staying at a hotel, ask the front desk to give you a hand.

Your embassy is also a useful point of contact in case of any emergencies, so make a note of the location and relevant contact details before arriving in the country. You will need to get in touch with your embassy if you need a replacement passport. Just in case, make a couple of copies of your passport and keep one with you and leave one at home.

Travel insurance

Sign up for a travel insurance with adequate coverage before your departure so that you can enjoy your stay in Bulgaria without any worries.