Безистенът - Ямбол

Yambol’s Covered Bazaar

The Yambol “Bezisten” (covered bazaar) is located in the city center. It is the only such Ottoman institution still extant in Bulgaria. It was built in 1509-1510 and is one of the largest structures in Yambol. In his memoirs of 1667, the […]

Национален археологически резерват Кабиле

National archaeological reserve Kabile

The remains of the antique town of Kabile are situated at a distance of 8 km from the town of Yambol. The place was declared an archaeological reserve of national significance by issue 24 of the State Gazette of 1969. The first […]

Етнографски музей - Елхово

Ethnographic Museum – Elhovo

The Ethnographic and Archeological Museum in Elhovo is located in the city center. The museum is housed in two two-story structures that were built in 1933 and connected in the 1960s. The museum was founded in 1958, reorganized as an ethnographic museum […]

Регионален исторически музей - Ямбол

Regional History Museum – Yambol

The Yambol History Museum is housed in a two-storey building in the centre of town. It was established in 1952 as a natural successor of local scientific and archaeological societies. Today the museum’s collection numbers approximately 93,000 exhibits, some of which of […]