Кози грамади - тракийски архитектурен комплекс

Kozi Gramadi (Goat Heaps) – Thracian Architectural Complex

The Thracian architectural complex on the Kozi Gramadi peak was found in 2005 and includes a residence, an ancient fortress, rock temples, roads, hill mounds and quarries for extraction of construction materials. The peak is situated by the Fenera hut, at a […]

Старосел - Тракийски храмов комплекс

Starosel – Thracian Temple Complex

The Thracian Temple Complex in the Chetinyovata Mogila, at a distance of 4km from the village of Starosel, was found in 2000. It has a statute of a group archaeological monument of culture, declared by letter No 1480 of 04.06.2001. This is […]