Археологически музей - Силистра

Archaeological Museum – Silistra

The archaeological exhibition at the Silistra Museum of History is spread out on an area of 400 sq m in an impressive building from the beginning of the 20th century. The building is a massive two-storey structure built in the period 1923 […]

Крепост Меджиди табия

Medzhidi Tabiya Fortress

The Turkish fort “Abdul Medzhidi” or the so-called Medzhidi Tabiya fortress is located south of Silistra and is the best preserved of the six defensive points of the Turkish fortification system. They played an important role during the Crimean war (1853 – […]

Биосферен резерват Сребърна

Srebarna Nature Reserve

The biosphere reserve by the village of Srebarna is situated at a distance of 2 km south from the river Danube and 16 km west from Silistra, on an area of 600 ha. It covers the lake Srebarna and the territories near […]

Регионален исторически музей - Силистра

History Museum – Silistra

Silistra is one of the first towns to set up their own museums in Bulgaria. The History Museum in the town was opened on 11 January 1899. Silistra is among the oldest towns in the country. It is situated on the bank […]