Храм-паметник Рождество Христово

Temple-monument Nativity – Shipka

The Shipka Monastery “The Nativity” is located on the outskirts of the city Shipka. The idea to found the monastery began with the Russian diplomat  Count Ignatiev and Olga Skobeleva, mother of General Skobelev. Funds for construction were donated by the Russian […]

Гробница на цар Севт III Голямата Косматка

The Tomb of Tsar Sevt – Golyamata Kosmatka

The Tomb of the Thracian Tsar Sevt III is situated in the Golyamata Kosmatka mound, at a distance of 1 km south from the town of Shipka north from the town of Kazanlak. It was found in 2004. The Tomb was built […]

Могила Оструша

Thracian Tomb Ostrusha

Тhe Ostrushka Burial Mound is located near the city of Shipka. In 1993, archeologists unearthed a cultic burial complex of great artistic and historical worth containing coins and other artifacts that date from the 4th century BCE. The monumental complex has six […]

Национален парк-музей Шипка

National Park-Museum Shipka

National Park Museum Shipka is located on top of St. Nicholas Peak in the Balkan Mountains, 28 km from the town of Kazanlak and 22 km from the town of Gabrovo. The park comprises of 26 monuments, the reconstructed battle positions, artillery […]