Сватбата - скално образувание

The Wedding – Rock Formation

The rock formation called The Wedding is located on the way from Bansko or Gotse Delchev to the village of Osenovo, shortly after the exit for the village. Osenovo is situated in the Western Rhodope mountain, 29 kilometers southwest of Bansko. The […]

Кърлановски пирамиди

Karlanovo Pyramids

The Karlanovo Pyramids are sandstone pyramids often included as part of The Melnik complex of stone pyramids, and are located near the village of Karlanovo. They were declared a natural landmark in 1960. The pyramids near Melnik, Karlanovo, and Rozhensko may either […]

Кременски езера

Kremen Lakes

The Kremen Lakes are located in the Kremen cirque (circus), in the Pirin Mountains. The laskes are part of the Pirin National Park, established in 1962. Since 1983, the park has been included among the UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage sites. The […]

Мусаленски езера

Musala Lakes

The Musala Lakes are located in the Rila Mountains beneath Mount Musala (2925 meters), the Balkan’s highest peak. The Musala Lakes are part of Rila National Park, declared a protected area on February 24, 1992. In the Rila Range there are more […]

Седемте рилски езера

Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes are without a doubt one of the most notable natural attractions on the Balkan Peninsula, a dream destination not to be missed. Their beauty touches the thousands of Bulgarian and international visitors who visit them. The Seven Rila […]

Самуиловата крепост

Samuil’s Fortress

The Samuil’s fortress is situated on the right bank of the Strumeshnitsa river, 16 kilometers west of the town of Petrich. At the end of the 10th and the beginning of the 11th century AD, when the Bulgarian Kingdom, headed by tsar […]