Резерват Али ботуш

Ali Botush Reserve

The reserve Ali Botush is situated in the Slavyanka mountain, located to the south of Pirin. The state borderline between Bulgaria and Greece passes along the ridge of the mountain, and half of its area is placed on the territory of Greece. […]

Кресненско дефиле

Kresna Gorge

The Kresna Gorge is located in the Blagoevgrad area, south of the town of Kresna. It was formed from the incision of Struma river between the Pirin and Malashevska mountains, where the river sculpted a beautiful 16 kilometer long canyon. The area […]

Музей Никола Вапцаров - Банско

Museum Nikola Vaptsarov – Bansko

The Museum House “Nikola Vaptsarov” is one of the first museums in the Pirin region. It is situated in the town of Bansko, on the central square, in close proximity to the building of the Municipality. The museum is accomodated in the […]

Велянова къща - Банско

Velyanova Kashta – Bansko

Velyan’s House in Bansko is located near the central square of the town and the Holy Trinity Church. The building is an example of the architectural style – fortified house of the Bulgarian Revival Period (end of 18th century – beginning of […]

Резерват Парангалица

Parangalitsa Reserve

The Parangalitsa Reserve is one of four nature reserves in Rila National Park. The other three are Skakavitsa, Ibar, and The Central Rila Reserve. All together they comprise an area of 16,222.1 hectares or 20% of the park’s total territory. The Rila […]

Резерват Баюви дупки - Джинджирица

Bayuvi dupki – Dzhindzhiritsa Reserve

Bayuvi dupki – Dzhindzhiritsa Reserve is part of Pirin National Park. In 1934 it was declared a reserve by Ordinance No 1388 of the Council of Ministers. This was done with the aim of preserving its natural relict Macedonian Pine and Bosnian […]