Каменна сватба

Legend of Stone Wedding

Four kilometers from Kardzhali City, nearby the village of Zimzelen is located an exceptionally beautiful natural phenomenon, which must be seen.

Дяволски мост

Legend of Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge is located at a picturesque gorge, 10 km away from the town of Ardino and connects the two banks of Arda River.

Легенда за Родопския химн

Legend of the Rhodope anthem

The roots of the folk song “Bela sym, bela, yunache” can be traced to the dark times, when janissaries and bashi-bazouks roamed the Rhodope, kidnapped young women and set fire to their villages.



The locality of Yundola is situated at a distance of 16 km from Velingrad.



The winter resort Pamporovo is situated at the foot of Snezhanka peak (1926 meters) in the Rhodope mountain, at a distance of 260 km from Sofia, 85 km from Plovdiv and 16 km from Smolyan.