Пещера Бачо Киро

Bacho Kiro Cave

Bacho Kiro Cave is located approximately 6 km southwest of Dryanovo. The entrance of the cave is 300 m away from the Dryanovo Monastery of Archangel Michael. The cave is cut in a 25 m-high vertical limestone rock and is situated at […]

Национален музей на образованието - Габрово

Museum of Education – Gabrovo

The Museum of Education in Gabrovo is unique in Bulgaria. It is housed in the building of the first Bulgarian high school – Aprilovska High School. The displays in the five exhibition halls follow the development of Bulgarian education from the creation […]

Соколски манастир Успение Богородично - Габрово

Sokolski Monastery of the Assumption – Gabrovo

Sokolski Monastery of the Assumption is located in Sokolova Cave Area, 15 km southeast of Gabrovo and 4 km away from the Etar Architectural-Ethnographic Complex. The monastery is connected to the Etar Complex by a tourist trail passing through a beautiful area […]

Батошевски манастир Успение Богородично - Батошево

Batoshevo Monastery The Nativity of the Virgin

The Batoshevo Monastery “The Nativity of the Virgin” is located some 25 km from Sevlievo and about 7 km from the village of Batoshevo. According to a stone tablet at the monastery, it was founded during the time of Michael II Asen […]

Исторически музей Колю Фичето - Дряново

History Museum Kolyu Ficheto – Dryanovo

The Kolyu Ficheto – Life and Work Exhibition is displayed in the History Museum in Dryanovo. The exhibition was opened on 20 July 1969 in memory of the renowned master builder. Nikola Ivanov Fichev, nicknamed Kolyu Ficheto, was born in Dryanovo in […]

Специализиран музей на резбарско и зографско изкуство - Трявна

Museum of Wood Carving and Icon Painting – Tryavna

The Museum of Wood-Carving is housed in the building of the old Daskalov’s House in Tryavna. It is not by chance that the museum is located in Tryavna. This was the place where the Tryavna Artistic School, the oldest in Bulgaria, was […]