Паметник на Васил Левски - Карлово

Vasil Levski Monument – Karlovo

The monument of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski is located on the central square between the churches St. Nicholas and St. Mother of God. It represents the deep honorship and gratefulness to the Apostle by its fellow citizens. The project of […]

Паметник Създатели на българската държава

Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument

The Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument is located 6 km away from Shumen, at 450 m above mean sea level. It stands on Ilchov bair Hill on the territory of Shumen Plateau Nature Park. The idea to build the monument was […]

Монумент на Св. Богородица - Хасково

Monument of the Virgin Mary – Haskovo

The tallest statue of the Holly Mother and Child in the world is located in the town of Haskovo. The symbolism is not randomly chosen. The Mother of God has always been regarded as the patroness of Haskovo. The monument was erected […]

Татул - Тракийското светилище

Tatul – Thracian Sanctuary

The Thracian sanctuary near Tatul Village, Momchilgrad Municipality, is one of the most imposing megalithic monuments discovered on the territory of Bulgaria. It lies just 200 m away from the village and approximately 15 km away from Momchilgrad. The sanctuary is a […]

Antique Theater – Plovdiv

The Antique Theater in Plovdiv is situated in the Old Town, in the saddle between the two hills – Dzhambaz and Taksim Tepe. It was built in the beginning of the 2nd century AD during the ruling of Emperor Trayan (98 – […]

Абритус - Археологически резерват

Arbitus – Archaeological Reserve

Arbitus Archaeological Reserve is located 2 km east of Razgrad, near the Ruse – Varna main road. The reserve spreads out on a territory of 1000 decares and is aimed to preserve the remains of the Roman town of Arbitus. Arbitus was […]