Специализиран музей на резбарско и зографско изкуство - Трявна

Museum of Wood Carving and Icon Painting – Tryavna

The Museum of Wood-Carving is housed in the building of the old Daskalov’s House in Tryavna. It is not by chance that the museum is located in Tryavna. This was the place where the Tryavna Artistic School, the oldest in Bulgaria, was […]

Antique Theater – Plovdiv

The Antique Theater in Plovdiv is situated in the Old Town, in the saddle between the two hills – Dzhambaz and Taksim Tepe. It was built in the beginning of the 2nd century AD during the ruling of Emperor Trayan (98 – […]

Етнографски музей Ловеч

Ethnographic Museum Lovech

The ethnographic museum in Lovech is situated in two adjacent houses – Drasova House and Rashova House – in an old neighborhood called Varosha. The exhibits inside both houses depict the home life of families in Lovech in the late nineteenth and […]

Стария Добрич - Архитектурно-етнографски музей

Old Dobrich – Architectural-Ethnographic Museum

Old Dobrich Architectural-Ethnographic Museum is an open-air museum where the traditional crafts of the Dobrudzha Region since the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century are preserved, exhibited and developed. It is located in the centre […]

Етъра - Архитектурно-етнографски комплекс

Etar – Architectural and Ethnographic Complex

The Architectural And Ethnographic Complex Etara is situated on the outskirts of the town of Gabrovo. It is an open air museum. The purpose of which is to present the architecture and the style of life in Gabrovo and the region during […]

Златоград - Етнографски ареален комплекс

Ethnographic Areal Complex – Zlatograd

Zlatograd is a small town in the Rhodope Mountains located just 2 km away from the Greek border and 60 km southeast of Smolyan. Zlatograd Ethnographic Areal Complex lies in the heart of the town. It is an open-air museum which is […]