Форум на Филипопол - Пловдив

Roman Forum of Philipopolis

The ancient forum with Odeon in Plovdiv is situated on General Gurko Str., north of the central post office and the central office of the tourist information center. The forum complex, parts of which can nowadays be seen from both sides of […]

Римски стадион - Пловдив

Roman Stadium – Plovdiv

The antique stadium in Plovdiv is situated on Dzhumaya Square, which separates the pedestrian part of the center into two parts – Knyaz Alexander I Str. and Rayko Daskalov Str. The stadium is situated under the street level, as its entrance is […]

Кози грамади - тракийски архитектурен комплекс

Kozi Gramadi (Goat Heaps) – Thracian Architectural Complex

The Thracian architectural complex on the Kozi Gramadi peak was found in 2005 and includes a residence, an ancient fortress, rock temples, roads, hill mounds and quarries for extraction of construction materials. The peak is situated by the Fenera hut, at a […]

Римски град Деултум

Roman town of Deultum

The village of Debelt is situated 17 km south-west from Burgas. The name of the contemporary village of Debelt is a modification of the name of the antique town Deultum and the medieval Develt, the remains of which are located in the […]

Никополис ад Иструм

Nikopolis ad Istrum

The ruins of the Roman and Early Byzantine town of Nikopolis ad Istrum are situated at about 20 km north of Veliko Tarnovo, on the road for Ruse, and 3 km southeast of the village of Nikyup. They are situated on a […]

Улпия Ескус - Античен град

Antique town of Ulpiya Eskus

The antique town of Ulpiya Eskus is situated near the bank of the river Danube, at a distance of about 22 km from the town of Gulyantski, county of Pleven. The Roman town had been established in the 1st century AD as […]