Кресненско дефиле

Kresna Gorge

The Kresna Gorge is located in the Blagoevgrad area, south of the town of Kresna. It was formed from the incision of Struma river between the Pirin and Malashevska mountains, where the river sculpted a beautiful 16 kilometer long canyon. The area […]

Пещера Проходна

Prohodna Cave

Prohodna Cave is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It lies 2 km away from Karlukovo Village and 112 km away from Sofia. The cave is a natural 262 m long rock bridge. It has two entrances […]

Пещера Темната дупка

Temnata Dupka Cave

The Temnata Dupka (Dark Hole) is one of the longest caves in Bulgaria. It is located about 52 kilometers north of Sofia city. It is situated in a rock crown over Lakatnik train station, 27 meters above the level of Iskar river. […]

Пещера Ухловица

Uhlovitsa Cave

Uhluvitsa cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. It is situated at a distance of 3 km north-east from the village of Mogilitsa, at about 30 km southwest from Smolyan and about 37 km from the resort Pamporovo. The […]

Харамийска дупка

Haramiyska Cave

The Haramiyska Cave is located in the Trigrad Gorge in the Rhodope Mountain, close to the famous Devil’s Throat Cave. It is a destination for those interested in extreme tourism, since there are precipitous drops-offs. There is a small trail leading to […]

Пещера Духлата

Duhla Cave

The Duhla Cave (Wind’s Breath Cave) is the longest cave in Bulgaria, with an overall length of 18 km. It is located in the southwestern part of the Vitosha Mountains near the village of Bosnek, in the administrative region of Pernik. It […]