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Coral beach

Coral Beach is located to the north of the Lozenets Resort Village. At its northern end the beach borders with the Camping site South. The wide and about 800 m long coastline of the beach is surrounded by dunes and forest, which […]

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The bear’s hole

The bear’s hole beach is located north of the central beach of Lozenets Resort Village. The lack of a good road to access the place makes the beach more unpopular spot but calm. The beach consists of two coastlines with an approximate […]

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Central beach Lozenets

The Central beach of Lozenets is one of the most beautiful on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The vast coastline is about 650 m long and 90 m wide surrounded by splendid flora. The beach is covered with fine, golden sand and […]

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Veleka Beach (Sinemorets North beach)

Veleka Beach is located north of Sinemorets, to the left of the main road, just before entering the village. The mouth of the Veleka River itself is a natural landmark and is one of the most beautiful places on the Bulgarian Black […]

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Small beach Lozenets (Tarfa)

The Small beach of Lozenets, also called Tarfa, is located south of the central beach before the port. The beach is about 130 m long and about 20 m wide, as the sea bottom is both sandy and rocky. The Small beach […]

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Oasis Beach

Oasis Beach is located about 1 km south of Lozenets. The beach coastline is spacious, covered with fine, golden sand and is almost 600 m long. The Poturnashka River, which flows into the Black Sea, divides the beach into two parts. Oasis […]