Мезешка странноприемница При Теохара

Mezek Country House – At the Teohara

Mezeshka inn “Pri Teohara” is an ideal place for a complete vacation among the beautiful mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. It is located in the picturesque village of Mezek, 12 km. from the town of Svilengrad, 3 km. from the border with […]

Средновековна крепост край село Мезек

Medieval Fortress near the village of Mezek

Near the village of Mezek (Svilengrad Municipality), on the Kaleto hill stand the ruins of a medieval Byzantine fortress from the end of the 11th century AD. It is the best preserved defensive installation in the Rhodope mountain. The fortress had the […]

Мезешка гробница

Mezek Tomb

The Thracian Beehive Tomb in the village of Mezek (4th – 3rd century BC) is situated in the outskirts of the village of Mezek, a municipality of Svilengrad, in the mound of Meltepe. The village of Mezek is situated at a distance […]