Къща за гости Онгъл изток

Guest House Ongal

With a large garden area, a seasonal outdoor pool and free sauna facilities, Guest House Ongal is set in the village of Krushuna at the edge of the Danube Plain.

Ваканционно селище Острова

Ostrova Hotel

Ostrova Hotel is situated 5 kilometres away from the town of Troyan and 150 kilometres from the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

Шато Монтан

Chateau Montagne

Chateau Montagne hotel is a three-star hotel that is suitable for vacations, conference tourism, company and family gatherings, and weddings.

Карамановите къщи

Karamanovite Kashti

Karamanovite Kashti are guest houses located in the town of Apriltsi, in the Balkan Mountains, in a place that retains the sentiment of the past, the feeling of the strong Bulgarian spirit, and the culture and way of life.