Архитектурно-исторически резерват - Несебър

Architectural-Historical Reserve Ancient City of Nesebar

Nesebar Architectural-Historical Reserve is located in the Old Town and takes the form of an 850 m long and 350 m wide peninsula. The Old Town was declared an architectural-historical reserve of national importance by virtue of Ordinance No 243 of the […]

Биосферен резерват Сребърна

Srebarna Nature Reserve

The biosphere reservation by the village of Srebarna is situated at a distance of 2 km south from the river Danube and 16 km west from Silistra, on an area of 600 ha. It covers the lake Srebarna and the territories near […]

Свещарска Тракийска гробница

Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari

The most significant find on the territory of the historical and archaeological reservation of Sboryanovo is the Sveshtarska Thracian Royal Tomb. It was found in 1982 during excavations at Mound No 7 of the East Mound Necropolis of Sboryanovo (Ginina Mogila). It […]

Казанлъшка Тракийска гробница

Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak

An original Thracian tomb from 4th – 3rd century BC is situated in the Tyulbeto park. It is known as the Kazanlak Tomb. It is under a special storage regime. Its duplicate, constructed in scale 1:1, which presents the architecture, the archaeological […]

Боянска църква Св. св. Никола и Пантелеймон

Boyana Church of St. Nicholas and St. Pantaleimon

Boyana Church of St. Nicholas and St. Pantaleimon is situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, in Boyana Housing Estate in Sofia. It is one of the few medieval monuments of Christian art that have survived until the present day. The church […]

Ивановски скален манастир Св. Архангел Михаил

Ivanovo rock monastery St. Archangel Michael

The rock monastery “St. Archangel Michael” is situated 22 km from Ruse, in close proximity to the village of Ivanovo, within the borders of Natural Park “Rusenski Lom”. An asphalted road with designative board signs leads to the complex, and there is […]