Архитектурно-исторически резерват - Несебър

Architectural-Historical Reserve Ancient City of Nesebar

Nesebar Architectural-Historical Reserve is located in the Old Town and takes the form of an 850 m long and 350 m wide peninsula. The Old Town was declared an architectural-historical reserve of national importance by virtue of Ordinance No 243 of the […]

Музей Никола Вапцаров - Банско

Museum Nikola Vaptsarov – Bansko

The Museum House “Nikola Vaptsarov” is one of the first museums in the Pirin region. It is situated in the town of Bansko, on the central square, in close proximity to the building of the Municipality. The museum is accomodated in the […]

Велянова къща - Банско

Velyanova Kashta – Bansko

Velyan’s House in Bansko is located near the central square of the town and the Holy Trinity Church. The building is an example of the architectural style – fortified house of the Bulgarian Revival Period (end of 18th century – beginning of […]

Късноантичен некропол Беден

Late Antique Necropolis Beden

The late antique necropolis is situated on the slope under the village of Golyama Chorkva in the area of the Rhodope village of Beden. In June 1963 during the construction of a warehouse for potato storage, a grave with several interesting items […]

Агушеви конаци

Agushevi Konatsi

The largest late medieval feudal castle on the Balkan Peninsula – the Agushevi Konatsi – is situated in the Rhodope mountain. The building complex was built by three masters for 20 years – from 1820 to 1840, for the rich Turkish feudal […]

Архитектурен резерват Стари поморийски къщи

Architectural Reserve Old Pomorian Houses

The reserve Old Pomorian Houses is situated close to the sea shore, in the east end of the old part of Pomorie and presents the architecture and the typical elements of the sea shore houses. The buildings in the reserve were built […]