Природен парк Странджа

Strandzha Natural Park

Strandzha Natural Park is the largest protected area on the territory of Bulgaria that stretches over 1161 sq km. It was declared a protected area by virtue of Ordinance No. RD350 of 14 July 2000. It is located in the southeastern part […]

Природен парк Сините Камъни

Sinite Kamani Natural Park

The town of Sliven is situated 300 kilometers east of Sofia and 100 kilometers west of Burgas City. Sinite Kamani (The Blue Stones) is a name, which has become emblematic for the town of Sliven. This is what the rock, rising in […]

Природен парк Българка

Bulgarka Natural Park

The Bulgarka Natural Park is located on the northern slopes of the central Balkan Mountain – above the Shipka and Tryavna areas. The park was declared a preserved area by order No. RD 7775 of 2002 in order to preserve, restore and […]

Природен парк Шуменско плато

Shumen Plateau Natural Park

Shumen Plateau Nature Park is located in the eastern part of the Danubian Plain, near the town of Shumen. It lies on the territory of Shumen Plateau and takes up an area of 3 929.9 hectares. It was declared a nature park in […]

Природен парк Русенски Лом

Rusenski Lom Natural Park

Rusenski Lom Natural Park is located 20 km south of Ruse and is named after Rusenski Lom River – the last right-side tributary of the Danube River. It takes up a territory of 3408 hectares and has been a protected area since […]

Природен парк Персина

Persina Natural Park

The Persina Natural Park is located on the north border of Republic of Bulgaria, along the river valley of the Danube river. It is situated on an area of 21,762.2 ha along the entire length of the Svishtov – Belene lowland. It […]