Паметник на Васил Левски - Карлово

Vasil Levski Monument – Karlovo

The monument of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski is located on the central square between the churches St. Nicholas and St. Mother of God. It represents the deep honorship and gratefulness to the Apostle by its fellow citizens. The project of […]

Море плаж пясък вълни

North beach Primorsko

The Northern beach of Primorsko is characterized by one of the longest beach coasts on the Bulgarian Black Sea and by the surrounding sand dunes Stamopoulo, declared a natural landmark, part of the Ropotamo Reserve. The beach is extremely impressive, with a […]

Море плаж пясък вълни хора

South beach Primorsko

The southern beach of Primorsko is accessible directly from the central part of city. The coastline is very beautiful, almost 2.5 km long and characterized by its many dunes. The sand is golden and coarse but very clean. Due to the Devil’s […]

Море плаж скали вълни

North beach Kiten (Atliman)

The northern beach of Kiten (Atliman) is located at the bottom of the bay named the same, in the northern part of the city. The beach has extremely beautiful golden sand dunes and crystal blue, calm and warm sea water. It is […]

Море плаж скали вълни

South beach Kiten (Karaagach)

The southern beach of Kiten covers almost the entire coastline of the city. The beach is divided into two parts – Kiten Beach – South and Kiten Camping site Beach. Its length is almost 1400 m. Together with the other beach of […]

Море плаж скали вълни

Coral beach

Coral Beach is located to the north of the Lozenets Resort Village. At its northern end the beach borders with the Camping site South. The wide and about 800 m long coastline of the beach is surrounded by dunes and forest, which […]