Смолянските езера

Smolyan Lakes

Smolyan Lakes lie on the left slope of the valley of Cherna River (Black River) and below Orpheus’ Rocks and Snezhanka Peak (Snow White Peak – 1926 m above mean sea level) in the Rhodope to the north. The lakes are scattered […]

Поморийско езеро

Pomorie Lake

Pomorie Lake lies 25 km away from Burgas and 2 km north of Pomorie. It is an ultrasaline natural lagoon which is also the northernmost lake of the Burgas Lake Group. It is separated from the sea by a sandspit and an […]

Кременски езера

Kremen Lakes

The Kremen Lakes are located in the Kremen cirque (circus), in the Pirin Mountains. The laskes are part of the Pirin National Park, established in 1962. Since 1983, the park has been included among the UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage sites. The […]

Шабленско езеро

Shabla Lake

The protected area of Shabla Lake is located in northeastern Bulgaria, at a distance of about 5 kilometers from Shabla and 18 kilometers from the Bulgarian border with Romania. It was declared a protected area by Order No DV – 31 of […]

Бургаско езеро

Burgas Lake

Lake Burgas lies in the heart of Burgas, between two of its housing estates: Gorno Ezerovo and Dolno Ezerovo. It is also called Lake Vaya. This is the biggest natural lake in Bulgaria, stretching over an area of 2,899.9 hectares. Vaya was […]

Мусаленски езера

Musala Lakes

The Musala Lakes are located in the Rila Mountains beneath Mount Musala (2925 meters), the Balkan’s highest peak. The Musala Lakes are part of Rila National Park, declared a protected area on February 24, 1992. In the Rila Range there are more […]