Хотел Еделвайс

Hotel Borovets Edelweiss

Hotel Edelweiss is located in the old city center of Borovets near the cabin and chair lifts. The hotel is ideal for adventure activities such as winter skiing, hiking and all other mountain extreme sports practiced in Rila Mountain. All rooms are […]

Самоковски девически манастир Покров Богородичен

Shroud of Holy Mary Nunnery – Samokov

The monastery “Shroud of Holy Mary” is located in the town of Samokov. It was established in 1772 by grandmother Fota of Samokov, who donated her own house to the Rila Monastery and founded a nunnery in it. The nunnery expanded as […]

Мусаленски езера

Musala Lakes

The Musala Lakes are located in the Rila Mountains beneath Mount Musala (2925 meters), the Balkan’s highest peak. The Musala Lakes are part of Rila National Park, declared a protected area on February 24, 1992. In the Rila Range there are more […]

Исторически музей - Самоков

History Museum – Samokov

The city of Samokov is located in the foothills of the Rila Mountains, 60 km from Sofia and 10 kilometers from the Borovets Ski Resort. The museum collection is dedicated to the city’s history. The name Samokov comes from the water-powered mechanical […]