Исторически музей - Брацигово

History Museum – Bratsigovo

Bratsigovo is a small city in southern Bulgaria, set in a grassy expanse in the Rhodope Mountains. It is 140 km from Sofia and 45 km from Plovdiv. The city historical museum in Bratsigovo was opened in 1926, to display the local […]

Къща музей Станислав Доспевски - Пазарджик

Museum House of Stanislav Dospevski – Pazardzhik

The Museum House “Stanislav Dospevski” is the only Bulgarian museum dedicated to this artist from the age of Revival. The building was constructed in 1864 by builders from Bratsigovo. The house is two-storey high, made of sun-dried bricks, with six rooms and […]

Исторически музей - Панагюрище

History Museum – Panagyurishte

The Panagyurishte Museum of History is located in the center of the city. It began as a collection housed in The Videlina Community Center in May, 1943 In 1964, the collection was moved to its own two-story building that also included a […]

Исторически музей - Велинград

History Museum – Velingrad

The Velingrad History Museum was founded in 1952. It is located in Kamenitsa Housing Estate, right next to the Holy Trinity Church. One central place of interest there is the house where partisan Vela Peeva (1922 – 1944) was born. The museum […]

Исторически музей - Батак

History Museum – Batak

The History Museum in Batak was established in 1956. The museum complex covers the museum building, the historical ossuary church “St. Nedelya” and the Balinova and Sharova houses. The town of Batak is located in the Rhodope Mountain, 150 kilometers southeast of […]



Some of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Bulgaria are located in the Rhodope Mountain. Lush meadows in unbelievable nuances of green alternate with dark coniferous forests, steep cliffs and picturesque canyons. If there is a destination, which is worth visiting […]