Природен Парк Златни Пясъци

Golden Sands Natural Park

The smallest Natural Park in Bulgaria is called Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands). It covers an area of 13.2 square meters and is located 17 kilometers northeast of the sea capital Varna, along the seashore. The Natural Park surrounds the resort complex of […]

Природен Парк Рилски Манастир

Rila Monastery Natural Park

The Natural Park “Rila Monastery” is situated on the territory of Rila municipality and covers the medium and the high mountain areas of the west section of Rila Mountain. It covers territories situated from 750 m to 2,700 m altitude, as the […]

Природен парк Врачански Балкан

Vratsa Balkan Natural Park

The Vratsa Balkan Nature Reserve was declared a national park in 1989, and then designated a nature reserve by Decree № 987 on November 13, 2003. The park covers extensive territory in northeastern Bulgaria, including almost the entirety of the Vratsa region […]

Belasitsa Natural Park

Belasitsa Natural Park is located in the eponymous mountain, in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, at the border with Greece and Macedonia. It is the newest park in Bulgaria and was declared by order No RD-925 of 28 December 2007 of the […]

Природен парк Витоша

Vitosha Natural Park

Vitosha is the first park in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. It was declared a national park on 27 October 1934. In2000 the park was categorized as Natural. Nowadays its territory is 27,079 ha. Two reservations are situated on its territory […]